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Plastic Auxiliary Equipment

Intelligent operating system, simple structure and multifunctional
20 years planning and designing experiences, thoughtful after-sales service


Magnetic Platen System

Safe / High efficiency / Energy saving /
Environmental protection / Intelligent / Durable

to make you mold changing systems and manufacturing process more intelligent
Improve the safety factor and reduce the time when you changeover the mold


Mold Monitoring System

Hd precision / High speed processing /
Small and light / The operation is simple

Injection Molding Machine Mold Protecti
Improve production efficiency
Insert Into Test
Vertical machine PIN needle change detection

监视系统 Mold Monitoring System 监视系统 Mold Monitoring System 监视系统
KUKES was founded by four senior molding machine engineer, our technology is derived from the practice of plastic processing, we all benefit from understand plastic processing technology and process, KUKES have the significant advantages while other companies not. we know more about plastic processing, and familiar with injection molding, extrusion, bottle blowing, stretch film, all kinds of plastic processing and the practical problems. More than a decade experience of plastic industry. With high efficiency and reasonable price of the equipment to achieve the perfect combination of equipment cost and performance, so as to realize the intelligent of the customer factory. To make your dream of running the factory easily, KUKES has been adhering to the "optimal solution, reasonable investment, perfect service" concept for the plastic processing industry to provide services. In order to be your reliable partner, we've tried to keep on in the face of market demand, because we know that the only efficient to solve customer problems. We always working hard so as to become a real partner.
KUKES is not only just a production, but also a sincery partner, we are looking forward to cooperate with you.
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